How does hot pot work?
The cooking pot is generally placed sunken in the middle of the table. The pot is fueled by a portable butane gas stove. Majority of the ingredients are uncooked: meat, vegetables and seafood. Noodle is an excellent item for the last since the noodle can absorb all the ingredients flavor that you have already put into the pot. In fact, most people will drink the broth at the end as the broth becomes a tasty and nutritional soup.

When you are ready to cook, put the portion and the ingredient you want into the pot. The purpose of hot pot is to enjoy the cooking process and your company at the same time. So, cook the ones you want and cook some more when you are ready to eat more, while you are having a good conversation with your company. However, some like to put an entire dish ingredient into the pot, so once the ingredients are done cooking, you can just keep eating while they are hot.

When the ingredients are cooked, please use the dipping sauce to enhance the ingredients' natural flavor.

The best part of hot pot style is that you can individualize your way of cooking and tastes.
Now, let’s get started.
A word of caution
Since the meat is uncooked, when you put the meat into the pot, please make sure you keep the chopsticks in the broiling broth for a few seconds to kill any microbes before picking up other cooked foods to eat.

If eating with young children, please make sure the children will not touch the cooking pot.

How does hot pot work?
Step 1: Broth Selection
  1. Meat-based broth, or
  2. Vegetable broth
  3. Add hot spice, if you wish
Step 2: Ingredients Selection
Meat (Uncooked) Seafood Vegetables Others Specialties Items –Handmade Items with Special Pricing
Step 3: Cooking & Time
When the pot is bubbling, now is the time to put your selected ingredients into pot for cooking. You have 2 ways to cook them.
  1. Cook Selectively – put the ingredients and the portion you want into the pot for cooking. Once they are done, you pick them up from the pot and then dip into our own dipping sauce (with or without hot spice).
  2. Cook all ingredients at the same time – some may prefer to put an entire dish ingredient into the pot for cooking. This way, when they are cooked, you can just pick them up to eat and eat more (without more cooking). If you choose this way, then initial cooking time may take longer.
Which way you use depends on your preference. Some prefer to enjoy the cooking process, so they cook selectively and gradually. Some may prefer to enjoy eating without waiting for cooking. Either way is fine.

Sauces – our basic one is the Beijing sauce. It is made with vegetable broth. If you like spicy hot, please ask for our own making hot sauce. The best is to mix both into one.

If you like stronger flavor but without the hot spice, please ask for "Chinese BBQ Sauce". It is not really BBQ sauce but I just don’t have a proper name for it. Again, mix the BBQ sauce into Beijing sauce can increase the flavor. Some even like to put the BBQ sauce into the broth.

Cooking time for different ingredients are around 40-60 seconds (on average). Raw meat may take only 20-30 seconds, but the noodle and raw dumpling can take 7-8 minutes.

Here is a general guideline depending on whether the pot is boiling. If the pot is not bubbling, it may takes longer than suggested.

Meat Seafood Vegetables Others Main Items
Step 4: Final step
Enjoy your cooking at your own pace.
Enjoy your company and the hot pot experience.